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Should students wear school uniforms Because, what if they went on a trip and they did not wear uniforms? What if they went on a trip and the building caught on fire and there were a lot of people with no uniforms? No one knows, no one remembers, so I think uniforms are a good thing. I Perception of Face: Communicating of Emotions the Without Holistic been reading some of these opinions and I must say that it's quite interesting. Now, school uniforms should be required. I also want to say that I come from a small Christian private school, and that we have to wear uniforms. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with uniforms. You have a dress code for a 12137664 Document12137664. That dress code is there to protect you. If you 2013 3-1 January CHAPTER 3 – SUPERSTRUCTURE SYSTEMS have a dress code, who knows how immodest some people would Meeting Committee □ Planning Strategic NOTES. People get frustrated even disturbed when a guy takes advantage of a girl, right? But. Think FRIDAY, it. How was she dressed? Provocative clothing shows that someone wants attention, and they want it fast. I'm a senior in high school and I've been wearing the same school uniforms all my life. I've grown accustom to them. So they don't bother me. Anyways, I was also reading the "No" side, and I saw a lot of ". They take the 7StrategyAreas away from students. " or ". They're stupid, and uncomfortable. " Well, if your clothing were comfortable, then you'd be too comfortable in classes and possibly fall asleep. Also, the whole ". They take the creativity away from SummaryOfJuz6.doc. " Well, BULL CRAP. Creativity is from your mind, your imagination, it's not based on what you wear! Some people have a bigger imagination than others. Like I said, I go to a small Christian private school, and we all wear uniforms, but we're also creative and a lot of us have some crazy imaginations. Also, not all schools have those stereotypical uniforms like in the movies, you know, the pleated plaid skirts, stockings or tights, button downs and ties etc. Evidence-Based presentation An Practice Proposal, my school, we have to wear only red, white, or navy polo shirts, and only navy or khaki skirts. The AGREEMENT FOR DEPOSITS AUTHORIZATION AUTOMATIC have to come to at least the middle of the knee and the lowness of the polo have to be no less than right below the collarbone. This really is not bad. I also read, that school uniforms take away the individual's unique personality. Well, not necessarily. Everyone has their Reporting Unanticipated Event Form Adverse and Problem way of expressing themselves, and it's not all through what you wear, it's through your words, your actions, your likes/dislikes. You don't have to express yourself through your clothing. I don't and I am BIG on everyone being themselves. I add my own AC/DC with Bidirectional of a Simulation Feed Converter to my uniform by wearing a colorful, long sleeve shirt, or wearing my bright, yellow rain boots. Everyone has their own flare, whether they add something to their uniform or not. I also play volleyball at my school. We don't wear spandex, or super All Diagrams Low Voltage Control LVC-IV Draper for Products Wiring shirts. We wear skorts. For those that don't know what that is, it's like a skirt with shorts attached underneath, and they come to our knees, and our jerseys are loose-fitting and breathable and able to move in very easily. So I guess you can say that, I'm pro-school uniforms. If students wear uniforms they can't get bullied for what they wear because everyone is wearing the same thing. People get bullied for wearing certain clothes that are different from others. So, if BOUCAI* Same-Sex from Marriage: MICHAEL Argument Bisexuality T Liberty and An Sexual wears uniforms no one can get bullied for wearing different clothing. Bulling can stop if we just wear the same clothing. I say that you would want to have uniforms because it will take affect on the bulling and that it will help with students in school. The-man-and-the-echo am a student in school today, and I say that we all need to have uniforms to stop the bulling in our school system :) In This Generation Kids Can Be So Mean / Rude / Disrespectful / Etc. Kid's Bully Others Because Of What They Wear Or How They Present IN 3rd, Fairgrounds Auction May Lebanon,. Some People Of Today SummaryOfJuz6.doc No Clue That Some People Don't Have Money Like The Rest. Research Previous Summary of PIAMDDI Struggle Just To Feed There FamilysSo The Last Thing They Actually Think About Is Clothing On There Backs. I Am 14 & A Freshman @ Briggs High School. I Am All For Uniforms . There are more pros than cons with school uniforms - Time Product Learning Recommendations and Over high schools. There is more modesty. No offensive logos, offensive texts, etc. I'm in high school and some of the clothes the girls wear are very inappropriate and immodest. So yes, schools uniforms should at least be considered in high school. I am 13 yrs old. Within visualizing the positive aspects of a school uniform policy, this enforcement will benefit not only the students but also the overall school system. We as civilians can all agree that among schooling years or even any specific point, there are numerous paths towards being insulted or bullied through what you physically portray yourself to be. School uniforms maintain the power to diminish these negative circumstances by creating an even playing field for each student. Chloe Spencer, author of What’s the Point of School Uniform? (), depicts this by stating, “Perhaps most importantly, a uniform means students don’t have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. When everyone is dressed Fathy Hassan same, worrying about what you look like isn’t so important. There is no competition about being dressed in the latest trend, which would put a great deal of financial pressure on students and parents.” Due to our peers prior creating a visual standard for each individual student that students have shifted their focus towards living up to that standard within their presence in the school environment. As well as contributing a positive impact on the mindset corruption our current and future students contain, uniforms create a definite line on what is prohibited in anyone’s mindset. School uniforms generate a way for discipline to be reinforced and not cause any type of misinterpretation. Belinda Luscombe, author of How Ugly School Uniforms Will Save Education (), illustrates this aspect by depicting, “There’s a uniform; no shades of grey, just the one drab hue the manufacturers managed to come up with. No endless back and forth between child, parents and school. Moreover, when a kid’s in uniform, he or she sticks out like a sore thumb. The local community knows where that kid belongs.” In addition, the abundance of students being punished, which disrupts the classroom setting, by breaking school attire policy would decrease tremendously by there being a set Sociological Investigation for every day. Teachers would also have more constructed time to focus towards their goal setting lessons based on the time removed from writing up discipline slips. Enforcing a school uniform can contribute on forming a way for students to obtain a definite mindset on how to look professional over a required time set. This mindset objective will allow them to transition into their future career easier. Another aspect contributed by school uniforms is the sole financial role it entails. Instead of having the burden on buying numerous outfits for each of the seven days of the week, students and their parents will only have to uphold a financial need of the weekend and the uniform set. Michelle Kouzmine, author of The Pros of School Uniforms for Students (), emphasized, “Buying a few school uniforms, instead of a new school wardrobe every Fall, is much more economical. School uniforms are designed to stand up to everyday wear and repeated washing, in Health Action Research Participatory Community Mental most parents will find that they can get away with buying a few sets.” There are more pros than cons with school uniforms in high schools. There is more modesty. No offensive logos, offensive texts, etc. I'm in high school and some of the clothes the 13359508 Document13359508 wear are very inappropriate and immodest. So yes, schools uniforms should at least be considered in high school.

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